A potential BUG?

I have an APP where each Tab uses the source Home.

There is one row in Home. Their will be many but now their is one and it has Row Owner set.

Today - the first Tab ‘data’ was empty. I checked the source sheet of Home (even reloaded to clear the cache) and it had just the single row. I checked the other 4 tabs which all used Home as the source, they all showed the correct ‘data’ in the components area for Home.

I eventually deprecated the tab, duplicated one of the working tabs (which showed the correct ‘Home’ data), deleted existing components and copied all of the deprecated tabs components over to the new tab.

Everything works now. I have been working on this (and Glide) for 3 weeks and this is the first time this has happened. Not sure if it is a BUG or user error.

I’m assuming that the old tab was using a details style layout? Are you sure you didn’t have any additional filters set on that tab/detail screen? Row Owners is itself a filter, but you can still set filters on the tab, which would control which row is displayed on that detail screen.

First thing I looked at. I try not to use filters (since I get that security warning) and instead use Row Owners and USC.

Everything was exactly the same for each detail screen - but the first Tab “lost” its connection to the Source. All tabs are set up as attached image shows.

The problem was the source DATA, the other 4 tabs had the same Source DATA (attached) but today the 1st Tab showed no data/was empty (also attached).


Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 8.21.15 AM

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 8.18.52 AM


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The one thing about Glide is that it was VERY easy to fix once I had the clue. Duplicate an existing tab, delete everything, copy all from deprecated tab - PASTE. Boom, back in business.

But I am concerned this could happen while prospects are using the app.


That does seem odd. I would say that I’ve never seen or heard of that before. I mean, there may be hiccups here and there, but usually only temporary and a browser refresh or clearing the cache usually takes care of it. I will say that many of my projects are largely finished and untouched on builder side, and I rarely if ever have problems with the app. I don’t go into the builder often, unless I’m doing updates to an app. I could see there being more issues if you are actively developing an app and something gets corrupted between the local cache and the server copy. Just a guess though.

Out of curiosity, is your table a glide table or a google sheet or another data source? If it’s a google sheet for example, are the headings stable…meaning, do the headings come from a formula, or are they static? I’ve seen weird issues when a formula may be updating headings in a google sheet at the same time that the glide sync happens. But It’s nothing like the issue you mentioned.

Google sheet with LOTS of glide columns added - headings are stable.

As an aside - the Home sheet has one entry and I accidentally deleted it yesterday which caused the entire APP not to work. I recreated the row and everything was up and running again (after a 30 minute freak out) but I never noticed that Home was “unhooked” from my first tab until this morning. It may have been their yesterday after the row delete.

I am pretty sure I can not recreate it but the ‘offending’ Tab is hidden not deleted.

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