Issue with cached version of a sheet

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I am having a weird issue where the sheet is not syncing the most current version. When I select “reload sheet” it reloads, everything looks fine for about 3 seconds, then it reverts to the previous version. No error or anything, it just reverts.

Well, it just started working. Sorry for the alarm, may be worth checking logs to see what may have caused it.

You saw this happen in the Glide builder? Data in Glide updated to the most recent version in the spreadsheet, and then went back to the old version again? Did this also happen to running apps? Are you using row owners by any chance?

Hi Mark!

Yes this happened in the data editor in Glide. I am using row owners on one sheet. Running app.

Is the sheet that had row owners the one that showed the weird behavior? Did any other sheet show the same weird thing?

Quick outline of what I changed. I deleted 3 sheets that were blank other than headers, added a sheet with headers and ~8 rows of data. none of these had row owners. When I went back to Glide and refreshed the sheet while looking at the app tab, nothing changed. I refreshed 2-3 more times, nothing. I then wen to the data tab and saw that the sheet was still reflecting the version before I made changes. I hit refresh, watched the changes take effect, and ~3 seconds later revert back to the sheet with the deleted tables and no new table. I did this about 10 times over a 3-5 min period, then again 3 times 5 mins later after clearing browser cache and files and signing back into glide.

Hi @Mark.

I am actually seeing this happen again. A few things have changed since the last time. I duplicated the app but have it connected to the same sheet. I made similar sheet changes that have refreshed fine. I added another new sheet today with header rows, but no data. It will show for 2-3 seconds on refresh, but then reverts back with the new table missing.

This sounds like the same issue I had yesterday.