New component not showing on detail view

I have a detail view with 20 components. If I add a new component I see the settings but the component is not showing on the detail page.

If I add a component to an other view with just three components I can see it.

Is there a limitation of components I can to a detail view?
I try to add a button.

If i copy a button component everything works like expected.

I see the same problem, but unable to fix it.

Some components will not display if there is no underlying data to show. Make sure the column it refers to is not empty and make sure you are viewing a current row and haven’t filtered all rows from view. Sometimes with buttons, that use a relation in some way, they will not show if the relation is empty.


Yes, it is because of the filter. Somehow seems wrong that buttons take the filter visibility. They are not based on data anyhow. They should only be affected by conditional visibility of their own.