I am not able to see a component in Home Page

Hi, I have used 4 components in my home page but 3 of them are visible and the last one I’m not able to see. Why is that? Can anyone help me out with this please?

Yes, I can’t see it either… :grin:
The common issue is visibility settings or filters, among many other possibilities.

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…or the component has no data to show.

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Haha. No I don’t think the filter is the issue because filter is not related to any users visibility kind of thing. The filter is just filtering out the clinics who has high no. of likes. that’s it.

No the data is their. Let me show you
This what screens whitens out or blur out whenever I select this component. And I can’t even scroll to see the data.

Again… I can’t see your fourth component. :face_with_peeking_eye:
The one currently selected is the third component. Are you sure your cursor isn’t over the third container, then scrolling with the keyboard?

No visibility conditions on either the container or the collection within the container?

Can you show how the collection is configured, since that’s the component that is not displaying?

It’s a bit strange if I mistakenly assume components don’t include containers.

The white blur event is a common behavior when the cursor is over another container that is not of its choice.

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No no it’s the fourth one. let me show you

The 3rd component:

And the 4rth one when hovering:


I’ve only applied filter to show the clinics with high like percentage

I didn’t understand can you bit elaborate?

Obvious question, but do you have any rows with a Liked Age greater than or equal to 70? If so, does any of the math or any rows in that table rely on row owners?

If you click on the Data preview button in the lower left corner of the screen while having the collection selected, that will reveal which rows of data that collection is using.

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Okay, I have found the fault. It was foolish thing on my side. I had set the bar of 70% and there weren’t any clinic that had 70%. I didn’t noticed it. Thanks a lot everyone for help. And I am sorry for wasting the time.


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