My Preview as is not working

I am not sure if the updates in the Preview as is messing with my app. I cannot search for anyone via email or name. Please help!

Can you include a screenshot/a video of what’s happening? Thank you.

Just a note: as far as I’m aware, the Preview As search only filters by email address and role (not by name)

The email shows up without my image. And it won’t allow me to get to my profile.

Do you have a typo there in the “coom” part?


Hello ThinhDinh,

The typo was definitely the issues with this app. Thanks for the catch.

However with my other app, the profile does not change regardless of which email that I copy and paste into the “Preview As” slot. I think there is something wrong with my sheets and I can’t figure out where to search for the error.

In the picture above, I tried to pull up tara’s account and Jesus’s account remains. (This happens with other email addresses)

Are my rows somehow jumbled? I check the data on google sheets and they all seem in place in terms of the name matching the images.

What could cause the images to remain the same when I try to change the profile. In fact the entire profile, not just the image remains the same.

Any ideas. I hope that is clear.

Your help is greatly appreciated


@Tiffany_Edwards Is the profile screen and are the components ‘filtered’ by ‘is signed in user’?


Can you show a video of you changing the user, or possibly let us copy the app to see what’s the underlying problem?

Are you getting to the profile from a list, or is the tab a details layout? Thinking you might be getting stuck on a specific list item if you navigated there from a list, then changed the preview email.

I relook at this solution and it worked! Thanks!

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Excellent :+1: