There is no USER DATA in features

I have a problem on ‘My Profile’ tag. In this tag, I expect that the profile of each person appears. However, only a profile of first user appears even trying as a different user.
So I played back the tutorial movie, then I found the difference between Jack’s and my apps. There is no USER DATA in my app. In a movie, he change the user appears in that screen by checking box in USER DATA. I can’t find that checkbox, and there seems to be no errors in a data used in ‘My Profile’ tag.
Please teach me what should I do!

Hi, can you link us to the specific video of Jack’s tutorial and the settings you are having with your app. Some screenshots may help.

Best regards.

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Thank you for your reply.
I will do so. Please check out my new post.

I listed a picture to help everyone understand what I mean.

And this is my screen that has a problem.

It’s an old video. If you use the Filter and select an email column, you will see the option ‘is signed in user’.


Thank you for your help. I got it.
Then, I still have a problem. Though I have tried to show different profiles for each Email, and using ‘Details’, I always see the same profile.
I put the screenshot of the Data below, please help me solve this problem.

Is there something wrong?

Have you tried the option of previewing the app as another user?

Yes. I tried that in the same way as Jack did in a tutrial movie.

Can you show a screenshot with your filter settings here?

I certainly succeeded in changing the profile shown in this screen by doing that, so I have a problem in the other part.
Then I logged-in as a different user by using another email-address and tried, but it failed.
Given that, I have a problem in other part, for example, I failed to put my email-address in the data.

What do you mean by “other part”? What failed? Are you saying that you signed in with another email address that wasn’t in your list already? Did you set up User Profiles so it automatically adds the email to the sheet when a new user signs in?