Question about log ins

OK I have an app and make profiles in the user sheet: name, image, emailaddress.
I want the people with those emailaddresses to be able to login and enter the app as themselves.
Is that possible in the free version?
They all have gmail addresses, shouldn’t using Gmail as login option do this? When I try that, I get a new user instead of working with the existing one.

How are you creating the profiles? How are you linking the user to the profile once they log in? I’m not sure I understand the question.

I now have another problem. I have profiles with name mail and image and want people to see only their own profile, but when I change logged in user nothing changes. Will be my fault, but it drives me mad :wink:

Do you have any screenshots of your filter settings?

I will make them!

Jeff this goes right.
But when I enter another mailadress from another user in the sheet the screen becomes empty. So I can only see Julie :wink:

I noticed that when I looked at your quiz app earlier. Nothing is jumping out to me. What if you used the filter for the tab instead of individual components. Just throwing some random guesses here.

I’ll try!

@Jeff_Hager It did the trick! Now it works! Thanks!

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