👀 Enhanced Preview As

We recently updated the Preview As experience to include a searchable list of Users. If your app uses User Profiles, then you will be able to search for a user’s name, email or role and preview the app as them.

This also works just the same in the Data Editor - which will help you if your app uses user-specific columns.


What 2 columns is showing???

I’m guessing the Name and Role columns.


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We will soon show the email instead of the name when the name is missing.


THANK YOU @david !

Thank you for all y’all’s work constantly improving the app-building experience. But just wanted to provide friendly feedback on this feature. This has made things significantly harder for me. I think it’s just because the feature hasn’t been 100% completed. But long story short, the search bar doesn’t work for me. I have to scroll down through over 1000 names to find the person I’m wanting to preview as, and most of mine don’t have the names written in. The search feature hasn’t been working.

I noticed you said you will be incorporating emails into the search when names are not available. This should help quite a bit.

I totally see how this feature will benefit the majority of creators! I just wish it was possible to ALSO “preview as” the old way. Just pasting in the email and hitting enter.

You can always just type the email address you want to preview as, and pick it, exactly as you could before.

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Strange. It doesn’t work, no matter if I try typing the email or the name. It’s as if I didn’t type anything.

I went ahead and manually added several names. And still they don’t narrow down the search results in the box. Seems like this is just me though cause no one else is reporting any issues with it. I’ll keep investigating and create a forum post if I can’t figure it out on my own.

Could this be a browser issue? Are you in Chrome, or another browser by any chance?

So, you cannot do this?

2020-10-28 16.39.22

It only works if the email isn’t already a user, ironically

I noticed this feature a couple of days ago and love it - thanks, @david!

I’m in Chrome. For me, all the names are already listed as soon as I click the preview button. And typing things in doesn’t change the items listed. I suspect it’s because I use array formulas for these rows. I’ll experiment without the array formulas and see if that solves it.

I cannot currently use this feature.
By changing user in “Preview AS” the user table loses the synchrony.
The result is that any component that is conditioned by a value that is present in the user’s row does not work correctly.
So to test the application with a different user profile I have to go back to the dashboard and relaunch the application from there.

Why does this happen?

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