David says: free from Google soon + multiple buttons on a row around the corner

I was watching this presentation by @david. Interesting!




I had a feeling this was coming soon!! Wow!! I bet the Glide team is already working on separating the login!!

And if you think about it, Glide Sheets just got released, what, like a month ago? WOW!! You guys are fast!!

This is so exciting!

@david Can we have this functionality for the side by side buttons…



it seems that I was not wrong when choosing glide to start the no code congratulations glide are the best


Using google sheets as a database was a smart way to boostrap the product but I doubt the team ever considered it viable for the long term. Good to see that the migration is happening quickly.

Edit: David mentions in the interview that they want to support additional data sources. So to put a finer point on it, they won’t be doing away with google sheets but they are building as much in house as possible to have control over functionality and performance.


The future of glide - time-stamped link:

We’re surprised about the number of people that use Glide given its features. That has taught us a lot about what is important.

Glide will get more powerful with automations and actions. We need a more powerful design system. So today’s design system is stack based, it’s one dimensional. […] You can’t put two buttons next to each other. If you need two button’s side-by-side, don’t use glide.

But we’re working on a whole new design of our builder environment right now. We are adding grouping of components. Once you add grouping you can say this group has a horizontal layout and start to build a little more power.

Specifically, another interesting this is that we want to add a lot of other dat sources. We want you to connect directly to those.


My gut tells me they will have a side by side button with grouping functionality. :crossed_fingers:

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The way I understand it they will make it possible to build an app with Glide without Google Sheets or another external database. So you don’t need it anymore, but you can use Google Sheets if you want.

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I just saw another experimental feature thanks to @david.
Look at this image :eyes:
LOOK!! :arrow_double_up: What’s that icon? I’m intrigued!!