Preview as - what column is shown in the list?

Does anyone know, how one can change the column which is shown in the “Preview as” dropdown list?
In my case, the column 6 is used, which is the column Firstname.
Therefore, I get many duplicates in the list which is not very helpful.


I believe it uses whichever columns are mapped to Email, Name & Role respectively in your User Profiles configuration.

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 10.22.18 PM

I don’t know where I can find the User Profiles configuration, I have a Pro App with email sign-in

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Click on hamburger Menu ☰ > Click on name or avatar > in the right side you’ll se a Source field: choose your “user” sheet, where it will receive every email after sign in.

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@Lucas_Pires , @Jeff_Hager thank you for the hint, somehow I never clicked there.


@david @Mark maybe a improvement of User Profile source setup including this option on Settings :gear:?


@christoph it is missed by many!