Using columns in User Profile to specify visibility in new app style

I am currently trying to rebuild a classic mobile app I use with students in the new format. In the existing app different tabs are visible for students according to the course / level etc. These details are noted in columns in the Users datasheet. I then specify the visibility of the tabs using these columns (eg not empty etc) in the User Profile option that is available for each screen.

For some reason, these additional coulmns in the User Profile do not appear in the list of columns for the User Profile in the new format. This means I cannot specify the visibility of a screen based on these columns. Is there any reason for this? Have I made a mistake? How can I work around the situation if I have not?

Thanks for your help.

They should. Have you configured your User Profiles correctly?

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Thanks for confirming that it should work. After investigating I discovered that somehow I had 2 User sheets and I was adding my extra columns to one of them, whilst the app was looking at the other. The issue is now resolved.
Thanks again.