Move components list to right side of UI

In the new UI the components are listed on the left side, their settings on the right side. When applying visibility settings one now has to move diagonally across the monitor to apply settings. Going down long list of components now requires more time and energy. As the Borg would say, “this is an inefficient design”. Could be an option of placing the components list back under the settings?

Lots of people have commented on this since the initial release of the new builder, but it appears that this is just a transitional phase.


Thank you for the insight.

To me it doesnt make more sense;-) I’d find it more logical to see the endresult to the right, and all steps leadingto the endresult left of it.

Well, in terms of visual organisation, the may suit you; for me, the setting up of details more important and it now takes more time do and energy: mousing across a large monitor for each of the 300+ components in my list takes way longer, for example. Maybe they come up with a toggle placement option…

I think we want the same thing?