Ability to group and tag/name components

It would be great If we can have the ability of grouping or/and tagging/naming the components list in designer view on the right side. Or maybe a section like grouping layers in Photoshop
Because sometimes your home tab (mostly) or any other tab is to much loaded with lost of components which has dependent visibilities.
I have deleted the wrong components many times when I’m working on a project.

Show All / Hide All switch would be good as well.



that is a great idea for a show all hide all switch we can just set visibility settings to if the switch is true

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Yes, I’m going through this right now, adding the same visibility conditions over and over. It definitely seems redundant and could be solved with some visual hierarchy and grouping. Once you have lots of screen items it becomes challenging to keep all the rules straight and consistent.


This is something we should be talking about now (: Having dozens of components blocks in several languages with their visibility conditions to be easily moved and modified would be a game-changer.

I would really love to see the same applied for the columns such as the grouping columns option in spreadsheets. My scrolling is getting me more exhausted every time :sweat_smile:

I believe this is solved a few ways by auto-populating the components with the language that the user selects up-front - rather than duplicating the components and using visibility/filters.

This is also solved by the new column naming convention, whereas you format it like - data/ userValue - and then search for the first part.

Both of these are in recent discussion that you can find.

I didn’t knew that I needed this so bad

I think that I saw something similar, although I don’t know which topic is. However the request by having groups in the data editor. The main idea is to collapse these columns in both panels to avoid infinite scrolling (down and sides)

Thanks in advance!