Grouping Components with visibility options

It would be amazing to group components and turn on visibility based on the group.


That’s a great idea. Be sure to add it to the feature requests here.

Sorry for bumping this but I really feel that this is needed!

Here are some of my use cases/feature requests for this

  • A grouping component that lets you add other components inside of it.
    • Many settings
      • Button colors
      • Visibility
      • Etc
    • Of course, the components inside the grouping component would inherit these properties. Every time the group properties would be updated, the components would update - except for when you choose not to inherit, but to make it stay in the group
      • However, you could change properties while still being inherited by the parent group

Which leads us to the topic of a side by side component! A component in which you can add components (children), and instead of it displaying top to bottom, it would display left to right!

What do you guys think?

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Wasn’t there mention of component groups and similar features when David announced the new builder?

I did not notice it

David has said a few things about grouping components when he was in an interview.

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