Request: Create Component "Blocks"

It’s been requested many times that we have the ability to set visibility/filtering condition to multiple components at once. As a way to do this dynamically, I’m suggesting that Glide add a “Components Block” component to which visibility and filtering can be set once. Any component in the block inherits the settings.

Thoughts? Other ways you could see “blocks” being leveraged? Copy/Paste blocks perhaps?


Yes, I would very much like this feature of component grouping - I had seen this implemented in

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Yep, a feature request has been logged. Misses some votes to be atop of the list :slight_smile:

I cast my vote for grouping components

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Agreed. I get lost trying to keep up with all the different components and trying to figure out which one should show. Would love a way to group them together and act as one. Another bonus would be if it can also be in a folder type form so I can expand / hide it making it much easier to navigate.