Component Management

Hi, Still new at this and recently, with the assistance of the community, I did a test app that had a large number (well for me) of components in a single form (accident claims form).

How do you experts/experienced devs manage components. I got to the stage where I was spending more time trying to find and rearrange my components.

  1. Is there a way of grouping components and then collapse/expand them ?
  2. Is there an easy way of moving a component from the bottom to higher above, I had to do it in small jumps, because the screen would not scroll up, and I would loose track of them.
  3. As I was moving a sections around, that meant all the components of that section
  4. When I used visibility condition it made it more difficult, as I could not see the component. Is there like debug mode (switch off visibility conditions)

Any pointers/suggestions on good practice will be welcome. Thanks

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Hey @Dan_San

Not yet, but it’s feature already requested to Glide team.

I little trick I use when I have too many components is Ctrl/Cmd+X(Cut the component), scroll to the top of my components, click on the 1sr/2nd component and Ctrl/Cmd+V (Paste component)

This will be able when we have a group/container option. But nowadays it’s not possible

Yeah, I feel you but that’s why nowadays we can rename our components to help us with that as well. I’m used to rename almost all components or the most important ones. Start doing it to help you!


Just noticed renaming components is back after a week of not being able to do so. Feels like I’m getting my life back.


Thanks guys. Small price to pay for what seems like an excellent platform.