Match multiple relation is reset to match simple when a new linked record is added

My app’s URL:

I have a first tab : tools, with a relation ship to a votes tab, which contains the votes of people for a particular tool. This relation ship is set to “match multiple”.
When i am in glide, and I add a new item in the “votes” tab, through a button form and a form, everything works fine.
When I do the same from my browser, and using the url, the “match multiple” is reset when I click on “submit” to add a new line (I tested it by checking the data tab at each step. This tab is clearly refreshed after my submit and the relation ship is no longer multiple and therefore contains no value)

I did another test by doing the same thing but with new and different column names, and it works. I sounds that my initial settings (the first time i created the relation column i didn’t set up the match multiple) are coming back during an update.

Do you have any screenshots or a video of this?