Relations column is not detected if "Match Multiple" is selected

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I’m trying to build an app to show daily reports to my clients. The worksheet has two sheets. The first sheet has one row for each date to record the day’s low and high temps, weather status, visitors, etc. The other sheet may have multiple rows for the same date, each row showing different work done for that date. The idea is to build the relationship in the first sheet that collects all the work done in the second sheet for a date - this is easy; you select date in the first sheet and then match all dates in the second sheet by selecting “match multiple”. However, when I try to create a relations button for the first sheet it says that there’s no relations column available. When I go back and de-select the “match multiple”, the column is suddenly found by the button. Any solutions for this quandary?

You can keep the multiple match and show it in an inline list instead, or use it in a link to screen action as the value.

Thank you very much, Dinh. This did work as I wanted. However, I still think that the inability to work as I tried before must be a bug.

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That’s by design. The relation component is only designed for single relations and intended to show only one matching item. The Inline List and List Relation components are only designed to work with multiple relations and display multiple list items.

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Ah, got it. Thanks.

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