Match multiple relation not working

Hi everyone! I’ve set up a match multiple relation that isn’t functioning properly, and I can’t figure out where I went wrong. Here’s the setup. (Please note that I was only able to post one screenshot since I’m a new community member, so I’ve linked to the rest on the Google Drive instead.)

Each member has several people on their care team. Similarly, each person on the care team has several members they support.

On the app, I’d like to display each member’s personalized care team. So, I setup a tab that’s linked to the “members” sheet and inserted an inline list using the care team relations values.

However, when I switch user accounts, the care team list doesn’t update. For example, now I’m viewing as Sophie, who should have Jannet, Robert, and Jane listed on her care team.

Did I set this up incorrectly, or am I missing a filter? Thanks in advance for your help!

What sheet is this “Get Care” screen built on? I’m thinking you miss a filter on the screen level here.

Let’s say if you filter by email is signed-in user (assuming you have the email on each row) then it will display the correct list.

Right now it seems like it’s always on the first row, which is the case when you don’t have a filter.

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Ah! Adding a email = signed-in user did the trick. Thank you, @ThinhDinh grinning:

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Great! Feel free to let us to know if you have any further questions.