Multiple relations

Here’s a new one.

Name: Address:
John Doe 123 Anywhere Street
Jane Doe 123 Anywhere Street
Jerry Maguire 345 Side Street
Gene Wilder 345 Side Street
so on…

I am having trouble understanding Match Multiple Relations. I need to simply show in an Inline component all the names that live at the same address.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the screenshot, the column is populated with numbers, and only the number 1.

Thanks in advance for any help you folks provide.

I would need more details. Are you referencing back to the same sheet or to a different sheet? Nothing is jumping out to me why it wouldn’t work.

I am in indeed referencing back to the same sheet. I need to have a list of all people that live in the same household. So an Inline List component that has the address as the title, and the names in that list for the same address.

I’m reminded of the Match Multiple Relations video where a list of all the people a person manages shows in a list view or another list component. Did I miss a step?

It looks like you’ve configured it correctly. We preview the matched items by showing the value of the first column, which in your case is the number one for every item. Despite this, it still looks like you might have configured it correctly.