Error Creating Multiple Relations

I am creating an app for an Alumnus data base. I have the details of the Alumnus on one sheet. On another I have the details of their children and their families with each individual as rows. I have created a relationship with the child name and alumnus name, In the details page of member I have an Inline list which displays the child and thier family details.

From this page I am able to navigate to the details of each Individual family memebr On that page I wish to display the the other members of the family by another inline list. For this I set up a multiple relational relational column with the name of the Child of the alumnus relating to the name his or her family member. I followed what was done in the staff members app, relating Staff to managers and locations.
However instead of getting the name of the family members I get the name of the Alumnus in the relationship. I even created a new column, and a new sheet. However, instead of the name of the Child the alumnus name appears.

The snap shot of columns is shown here


you can change the title of the inline list to your prefered name

The relationship shows you that there is something to return from your settings, not the exact match of what you are trying to get, by default it shows the first column of your data.

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Thank you for the info,