Match multiple relations - stuck

Hey community,

It feels like I’ve hit a roadblock, but I know there must be a way around this.

I am trying to make a sports club directory where local teams can list their facilities. I have made a general table for user info and a second table with amenities.

The idea is that users will onboard via a form with a ‘choice’ element, where they can select multiple options of amenities available. This will write data into the user info table which will show on their profile.

I have created a ‘match multiple’ relation to between both tables so that site visitors can search a map of amenities, and not just the club name. The problem is that when it reads the multiple choices written from the form submission, it doesn’t match to multiple options in the related table. It does this perfectly for one match, but as soon as there is more than one with a comma to separate them then the relation completely breaks. Any suggestions or signposting would be invaluable!

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 16.15.59

Add a Split Text column, which will split your comma delimited values into an array. Then use that array for your relation.


Genius! Problem resolved effortlessly with a Split Text column. Makes so much sense - thank you.

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