Many users having difficulty with downloading

I have many users (both iPhone and Android) reporting to me that they are having trouble ‘downloading’ the app onto their phone.

They report that they aren’t getting the ‘add to home screen’ button OR if they didn’t click on it the first time, they can’t get back to it.

I ask them to clear their browser cache and try again. I have resent the link a few times, I can’t think of other troubleshooting to do…help!


Hi Amy,

Android remembers if they dismiss the banner and will not ask them again. iOS will not prompt them at all unless they open in Safari.

For your users they must open the URL directly with Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android or they will not be able to download the app correctly. In Chrome they can press the 3 dots in the top right and select “Add to Home screen”.

On iOS if they press the share button they can then select “Add to Home Screen”.

In both cases they need to be careful not to open the URL in an in app browser (like found in Slack or Twitter apps).

Thank you so much! I will use this as guidance.

Saved it! It worked! Thank you!