Make a google calendar Event when the user click buttom

Hello! I have a question.
In my app there is a calendar with event dates, place and time. I need to make a button that when the user presses it, this event is created in their personal Google calendar. Is it possible to do this? Can somebody help me? I’ve been trying with Zapier but couldn’t do it.

Hello @MartinLana

You might wanna check this post. You can also find a tutorial here.


I was able to do this with a free resource, Calendar Link. Works like a charm with the template column and their API.


I have tried to use it, but it doesn’t work with the european date fomat : DD/MM/YYYY.
Even if my timezone=Europe%2FParis :frowning:
So I have search a solution…
Here is the solution :
In order to convert my euro dates in iso dates, I use the Glide column Type “Template” with my original column with my date with European format. The template date is in raw format ie ISO like in my Google Sheet.
And I use this template column in the template with calendr link :slight_smile:

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In Google sheets use substitute function to change date format, and than using scripts create event in your calendar