Google calendar events links generator

Hi Gliders,

I recently had the need in one of my apps to create a google calendar event link so learn how to do it.
as this turned usful I thought to create a small app that everyone can use to create a link which they can copy and share.

feel free to use.


Thank you!

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…looks great… :clap: …would you share it for copying?


wow great ! I have a big app idea that was waiting for this functionality… Can you make this copy-able ?


Works like a charm. Nice.

Oh thank you so much, it’s exactly what I was looking for! Just one more question: how do you transfer the format of the picked date and time to insert into the generated URL? The Date and time picker sets the value as 2022-12-01T12:00:00.000Z but reflects as 01.12.2022, 12:00. But for the google calendar link we need the 20201231T193000Z format. How do you transfer it in this App? Thank you beforehand for your support!

Looks cool but cant use it at moment

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@yinon_raviv Same here! I was just looking for how to do this. Thanks!