Add to calendar in a click ๐Ÿ“†

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I saw many posts regarding this one, but could not figure out the solution for the free link to add an event to google calender/apple

I found this: Calndr

But template wonโ€™t work, maybe because of the date and time as I donโ€™t understand how to convert them to ISO format

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I always use Agical. However you also have to convert your date/time to ISO format.


How to do this? isolate all and then build again with template?

OK it works in PC, but not in my iphoneื’ื“ืขื•ืŸ&details=ืžืชืžื˜ื™ืงื”&location=ื™ืจื•ืฉืœื™ื&trp=true&sprop&sprop=name:&recur=RRULE:FREQ%3DWEEKLY;INTERVAL%3D1;UNTIL%3D20210824&dates=20210825T165100000Z/20210825T175100000Z&sf=true

Whatโ€™s the error shown in your phone?

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Just going to the google calendar app without making the event like in desktop

Weird, can you record a video for us? When I use Agical on my phone it goes to Safari with the right booking details.

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So maybe, as I have the app in mine it is going to the calendar app straight.

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I tried now and happened the same. Open without action

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How without action?

As you said, it just opens and doesnโ€™t add an eventโ€ฆ

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Yes I know

Yes lolโ€ฆ I just said I tested and happened the same. Thatโ€™s it.

What was the original Agical link you use to generate that Calendar link?