Make a google calendar Event when the user click buttom

Don’t know if you still use it, but is the only thing you do make a url like this with TEMPLATE or CONSTRUCT URL?
Could you give me an example of a working url? Don’t seem to get it working.

Yes, at the time I used a template column but you could do this (arguably SHOULD do it) with a construct url column. An example using URL parameters is below. Be sure to look at the documentation to construct it correctly.

Yeah, I don’t seem to get it working where it feels really doable. I was wondering if the service still supplies this. Don’t get an answer from the maker either.

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for showing us Calndr, its great…

everything works fine…

except timezone… impossible to get what to put, which format (GMT, utc+X, +3…??) and the api-docs page really dont say… tried so many combination, nothing seems to work ^^

On any calendar, i always get : GLIDE TIME set by USER + 1hour

because when i open the link, im in France… so automatically Calndr set an adjustment for my timezone…

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Have a nice day