Add event from Glide to calendar with AddEvent

Hi guys,
Some months ago, I shared a tool called

I finally had the chance to set it up for a very nice app we recently did at for a large organization here in MX called Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE).

It’s a whitelisted app, so there’s not much to see, but you can find it at

Anyway, I did a video on how to set up a way to add events from glide to your calendar in any kind of OS. It’s really easy to set it up with add event.

Here’s the link to the video, and I hope the video itself loads up down here.


@eltintero Nice tutorial. I haven’t look at the pricing page of AddEvent in detail, but have you been using their hobby (free) plan or a paid plan?


Unfortunately to integrate it with Glide, you need to use the paid tier.

To embed it you must use the paid tier, but I use AddEvent regularly and it will also generate just a plain url link that you can attach to a button in Glide. It is helpful when setting up an event that registration is not required for.

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that generates the link but its the same first row for all the events

Hi! What component did you use to display your calendar?

Probably this, or this:

Thanks! Im looking through that now, I’m using the method alexs mentioned, do you know how I can add the templete to a button?