Help - Use Button to add event to calendar

I have a tournament registration tab, where users sign up to multiple tournaments. I want a button where they can add that tournament reminder into their calendar before submitting the form.

Probably this will help.

I did read this, what i understood is that its a paid method.

Yeah, I wish this was a reasonable solution to such a simple need. Their hobby plan gives you 50 adds a month. If you have even just 10 users on a public events notification app and there are ten events during the month listed, you could hit that limit… with 10 users. Upgrading doesn’t seem realistic. Even if you have say 20 users on a simple events app, you could end up paying $240 a year so that those users can each add 5 events per month to their calendars? There has to be a better way.

You can do it completely free with Agical.


Ha! Yes, I already found that and implemented it since I left that last post!

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