Create calendar appointment from Glide calendar

Create a calendar appointment (iCal, maybe other formats?) from Glide calendar

I know how to add a calendar component.
I believe you can trigger reminders that are notifications via whatever channel you choose. Right?

Help needed
How do I create an appointment from calendar data that can be sent to a user?

I guess I’m not 100% sure how the workflow would go. I thought it would be an email that had an attachment which isn’t really the same thing.

I assume there isn’t the concept of syncing with the users calendar because that requires integration and permission for each user of the app (there will be many) rather than the app integration with a single Google or Outlook calendar.

Is something like this even possible?

When I need a user to add an event to their calendar, what I do is using Agical or

Basically you craft up a URL using Construct URL column, and show that in a button to the user.


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