How-to Add to calendar

I know many of us are looking for a way to add events from Glideapps to our calendars.
I found out this tool, that linked to the template column in the Glideapps data editor, allows us to create events that the users can add to their calendar.

The "Direct URL Method" is an "Add to Calendar" link - a link with
parameters to generate an event on-the-fly. Direct your users to an
event landing page or have them end up directly in their calendar.
It can be used virtually anywhere. We recommend it for emails.

Add to Calendar:
<a href=" *CLIENT* &start= *start* &end= *end* &title= *title* &timezone= *timezone* &service= *apple* ">Apple</a>
<a href=" *CLIENT* &start= *start* &end= *end* &title= *title* &timezone= *timezone* &service= *google* ">Google</a>

They even connect to Zapier, so I’m guessing you can do a lot of cool stuff with these.


Do you use the free or the paid version of this service?

Actually, I will set up the paid version for one of my customers.

Hi Jesus,

You most likely would be able to use our “Add to Calendar” button with your installs. That method can be used by free accounts.

The “Direct URL Method” which you are referring too requires a trial or paid plan. Happy to provide you with a trial in case needed. Just reach out to

Have a great day!

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Hi @Michael_Nilsson . Thanks for reaching out!
I’ll def send you an email, I want to implement your product for one of my customers and having a trial version to show them how this works would be ideal.