🚨 Major Incident: Apps failing to load

Definitely something up. I can load my apps in the builder, but no users show up in the Preview As. Seems like the connection with Google needs a reboot!

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Ohhhh crap

Same same, happened while I was working on mine about 30 minutes ago, was waiting to see if it would resolve. I can work inside the data editor but that’s all I can access - also my Glide-owned sheet of user profiles is now completely empty - same on all my back-up copies.

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All I want is for someone in the glide team to tell me everything is going to be ok :sob: :rofl:


Is there a better way to notify support other than us commenting here? Does anyone have an inside connection?
@david? @JackVaughan?

I checked google status and it’s everything ok

We are aware of the outage and working on it. We apologize.


All my User-Specific values are gone. Anyone experiencing the same problem?

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Hi Mark, when do you estimate you will have this resolved? I have hundreds of customer service emails to deal with and need to give them an ETA.


I hope within an hour, but it might be longer.


We have literally thousand of users waiting for. We hope you can fix quickly!


What’s the weather like outside? Might be a good time to disappear and go golfing :rofl:


When logging in through web browser getting these two errors:

Could not getOAuth2TokensForGoogleSheets: undefined
Could not getAccessTokenForCurrentFirebaseUser

My user on the App are getting:
Error could not handle the request.

Hope this helps with your investigation.

Has this happened before?

Don’t touch anything for now…they will return once everything is back to normal

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Hi Mark,

Can your team update everyone please again on when the ETA is on the fix? It’s been over two hours since your last update?

@Erin we are updating here: 🚨 Glide is down