🚨 Glide is down

Follow status updates here: https://status.glideapps.com/

We’ve identified the issue and are working to resume the service now.

Update: Everything is working normally again.


Thank @david. :star_struck:

What I suggest to you Glider is to have, literally, an email spreadsheet containing all your customers / partners, and do as I did.

Put everyone in blind carbon copy (cco) and send a simple message but warning, so that they feel a little more relaxed and avoid future problems.


Some app functionality has been restored. We’ve updated the status page.


I am happy to relate that most of my app functionalities have returned to normal. I am waiting to see what will happen to the USC.


Great! USCs are there.!

All services have been restored. We will post more details as they come in.

Summary of what we know so far: an app with unusual functionality became unusually popular this morning, causing Glide to exceed a quota and prompting Google to temporarily block part of Glide’s backend. We deployed new alternative services to get apps running again as soon as we could; we appealed to Google to increase Glide’s limits; and we’re improving our algorithm that deals with the specific problems exercised by the app.


Thank you Glide Team!


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Thank you David and team for the quick turnaround!
I’m proud to say that I used my downtime very productively catching up on a few more episodes of Schitt’s Creek.


Now that was productive :slight_smile:

I subscribed to status updates (what a geek I am!)


same here!


@Pablo_books wise decision :blush:


Thank you! And sorry, we have massive users and data.



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We are still having some issues. I’m trying to reload the sheet, to hopefully solve the issues, but I get the “oh sheet, we couldn’t reload the sheet” notification.

The app seems to function, however the connection for writing data in the google sheet seems to be broken, for us. This app is used daily, throughout the day. So it seems to be related to the earlier outage. Are their still signs of issues with the quota’s?

My app is still down. I can open it in the builder. But the app is failing with a cloudflare ‘Host error’. (My custom domain is proxied through cloudflare.)

I’ve tried with multiple browsers (Edge + Chrome) and multiple devices (Windows 10 laptop, Android phone). Specifically, I get the following error message: “Error 525 ## SSL handshake failed”

F** yes! For real! Simple but effective! It all depends if the company really cares for its users…


that’s awesome! link to your app? Would love to try it out

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Getting an exceed quota message today is Jan 7th anyone else having issues signing into backend?