Lookup Usage Limitations?

Video explanation here: https://www.loom.com/share/367c519195e84e94b0ae696067f896df

Hi guys - I believe I found a bug.
I’m trying to create a custom view based off someone’s location (which I’m collecting).
After having their location, I link it up to another sheet via relations
I then pull the content via lookup.

In the tab view, I am trying to add videos, images, text, and links. I would like to base it off the content I pulled from lookup.

What I’ve noticed is that Image is the only one that shows all the lookup values. The text, video, link etc do not show up. Even more weird is that a different look up related to a different relation shows up as an option leading me to believe that there is some sort of bug.

Would love to know if my logic was incorrect somewhere!


I am going to guess that your relation is set to multiple. It should be set to single for this to work properly. The image component can handle an array of values from a multiple relation lookup. Other components cannot. Switch of the multiple checkbox in your relation and everything should work.

You are right! Thank you :slight_smile:

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