Image Carousel from a Mult Relation > Lookup?

@Mark Is this expected behavior?


Confirming this works!

Let’s say I have a photo album of images. Each of these images is tied to my email address. In my user profile sheet, I can form a multiple relation between my email address and the email addresses in my photo album. I can then do a look up to grab the images in the album. I can then display a single image component and it forms an image carousel with all images. Neat!


It’s always been that way. I’ve used that method a few times because it’s dynamic as opposed to forcing a set number of array columns. A lookup is simply an array of values, just like an array column created manually in the sheet. The image component just happens to be one of the few things that can accept single values as well as an array of values. One other thing that I can think of off the top of my head is the ability to filter by signed in user against a single value column and an array column built from a sheet array or lookup array.


Hm! I’m still learning the basics I guess!