How to combine look ups from different locations?

Hi friends, me again…

I have one sheet with two lookup columns, each pulling images from a different sheet - is there a way to combine these two columns?

Would the end effect be a carousel of the two images? If so, you’d need to do your lookups in the spreadsheet, not the builder.

However, this does reinforce the need/feature request for being able to create array columns of similar column types manually/at will.

Thanks for replying! The two columns would never conflict. Was hoping for a roll up -ish solution.

Oh…I see what you mean. If one is empty you want the other? Yes. Create an if-then column. If the first lookup is empty then display the second, else display the first. Use this if-then column for your image component.

I like where you’re going with this…when I create the If Then Else column, when choosing the first condition it shows me relations and lookups, but once i select one, i can’t choose them as a “Then” option…any ideas why they can’t be selected?

The original relation column from which you created the lookup needs to be a single relation, not multiple.