How to display image under certain conditions?

I have two columns, as shown with the screenshot below.

I’d like to display certain images based on the status of the order. I tried to do it inside of a “if/then” column but it doesn’t give you the option to add an image. Is there an easy way to do this?

Thank you!!

Hi @moshi,

You can paste the Image Address there and you will see the Image Address in Data Editor but once you connected that in the list image section you will get the image!



To make this easier what I do is ( this is a tip that I learned from this great community ) create another table/sheet and store the images and in the table that I’m building the if/then else column I will create a single value column to get that relevant image and if there more some more single value columns to get that images! And when I edit the image going to that table/sheet it also updates in the if/then else column.

Thank you

So the goal is to have the spreadsheet automatically fill the column with the accurate image-type, so copying/pasting the image link wouldn’t work for this particular app.

Just confirm what you’re saying:

  1. SHEET_ONE = contains all the images for the status type
  2. SHEET_TWO = contains a column that fetches the images from SHEET_1

Here’s where I’m at right now:
I created the second sheet

I then created a single relation on SHEET_2

I know the relation is working properly because I see this:
Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 1.11.54 PM

Now I just need a new column in SHEET_2 that actually get’s the image from SHEET_1 using the relation we created right. But how do I do that? What would the next step be

Thank you so much for everything bro, you’re a big help!

Use a Lookup column to get the image from the relation!

Lookup Column - relation (order …) > Image For Status Type

Oh wow! I didn’t know about that feature!!

Okay so I just tried it but why does it show both images?
Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 1.25.10 PM

Is it possible to show your Lookup column settings?

I mean get the image from the relation column that you created! I believe it’s the relation (order → status image )

Lookup column - relation (order → status image ) > Image For Status Type

Here’s the relational column too, incase that helps

Sorry I’m confused, just to confirm:

  1. Status of Orders HAS this

  2. Order HAS this

Right now within the “Orders” sheet there is a relational column & a lookup column.

the status image is not inside the “Orders” Sheet, It’s inside the “Status of Orders” sheet.

The IMAGE we want is inside “Status of Orders”.

We want the IMAGE to go inside “Orders”

The lookup & relation is inside of “ORDERS”.

Made a quick video that will help here!

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OHHHHHH! It makes sense now ahah, thank you so so so much. There was a confusion because I never knew about the Lookup Feature, also didn’t know how it works.

You’re honestly the best, thanks again!!

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sorry last question @Dilon_Perera

I’m trying to display the LookedUp image but it doesn’t show up

Why is that?

wait never mind! It worked, I was just looking inside the wrong order/user

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