Question? If-Then-Else

Can this function be used for images too?

Your question is too vague. I use If-Then-Else column to display status image based on status value. So if status value = “open”, use URL for icon that is used for open - if status value = “closed”, use URL for icon that is for closed and so on.

ok testing it out still learning glide and lovin it thanks

It sure can. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Easiest: use emojis if that suffices
  2. Just as easy: copy/paste the URL of the image into the if/then/else
  3. Not as easy but more dynamic:
    …create a sheet with columns that relate a keyword to an image URL (DogImage | URL)
    …in the sheet with the if/then/else, use those keywords as the results
    …then, in the data view for that sheet create a relation column between the if/then/else and the sheet with the keyword/relation columns
    …lastly, create a lookup column that results in the URL of the relation

Why go through the trouble of #3? Because if you ever want to switch up the images, you can simply do so in the sheet.


Tx Robert

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My pleasure.