Lookup a URL in a relation, is not accessible as a link

When i Lookup a URL from within a relation, is not accessible as a link. So i’ve found the correct result, but when i try add it to a component to open the link or use an action to open that url link, it doesn’t even offer me the looked up url as an option.
Is there a way to convert it to text? Any solutions welcome.

Is your relation a single relation? (it needs to be)

I did find a work around. I used JOINED LIST to change the array to text.

In terms of your single relation question… It’s basically a many to one relation. So when i leave multiple relation unchecked then nothing shows up in the component drop downs. But when i create the multiple relation it shows the exact results i need in the column, but the only problem is that the text is within a rounded rectangle (like most arrays i think?) and then when i lookup that relation for the URL that i need, the result is also in a rounded rectangle. And it doesn’t seem to allow that result to show up in any dropdown options so i cant use it for the “open link action” or “rich text hyperlink” etc.

So i have found the solution, basically used Join List to reformat the text. So now that text appears as an option in the drop downs for components.

If you have better solutions, please share. Thanks for the help.:call_me_hand:

Are you saying that the table that you are linking to has only a single row?

When you do a lookup through a multiple relation, you will always get an array as the result, even if that relation is only matching a single row. And you can’t use an array in a component that expects a single value. Your joined list approach works for you in this case, because a joined list returns a single value, and because in this case your lookup array contains only one element - you get the result you are looking for.

A better way to do this would have been to use a single value column to fetch the URL column through the relation (instead of the lookup).

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Okay thanks for the pearls of wisdom, always wondered about that. I’m going to watch the videos about single value columns and try your suggestion.
My table has many rows but no duplicate data. So theres only one result. Glad it works, but i’ll try your way for safety. Thanks again​:call_me_hand::+1: