Login and pin

I set up the public with pin setting when the user logs in first time.
Now, there were few logging records in new sheet created automatically App:Logins
I think at some point I might have meddled with the records, maybe removed few.
Now, when a new user asks for PIN it doesn’t come to his/her mail.

Are these two things connected? Can I clear App:Logins if I want or not?
Why my PIN is not coming?

Clearly the sheet App:Logins is not updating. I tried to put Public login and new user is not reflected there. How can I fix it?

App:Logins only populates if you use login with email functions.

If you cleared entries, I’m guessing the users will have to login again and get a new pin. I’m not sure why the pins may not be going through, but may be a cache issue with the app still thinking the user “exists” already.

App:Logins serves no purpose other than be a log of users who have signed in with a new pin on a new device. You can clear it and it will not affect the app. This shouldn’t have any affect of somebody getting a new pin. Just be sure they check their spam folder.