Request Email and PIN every time

I have few users that the app already saved in the taskbar, but the app request email and PIN every time they open the app, everyday. Some, works well.
Notes that they’re not clearing any cache/cookie.

How can i solve this problem?

What do you have for this setting?

If you are asking for cookie consent, is it possible that user’s are not checking the box on the sign in screen? If you are always setting the cookie, is it possible that your user’s have their browser set to always clear the cookies without them knowing it?


I just checked an app that I set to “ask user consent” and it doesn’t show any checkbox when I try to login.

That’s weird. Just tried it on mine and I get the checkbox. If I don’t check it, sign in, and refresh the page, it logs me out as expected.


Now what I think is since this app’s setup is public with optional sign-in, the checkbox doesn’t show up. I try it on another app and it works fine.

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