No pin sent to some users

Describe the bug:
I have an app in private mode. Users with email in Google sheet can login. But for some users the pin never arrives in their email. They also checked their SPAM folders. In this specific case it is a hotmail address. But other users with a hotmail address don’t report problems.

Expected behavior:
Pin is always sent to users trying to login with email in Google sheet.

I know that there are more topics about this on the forum, but none has a satisfactory solution or is closed due to inactivity. The problem still seems to exist though.

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Just to be clear - the users that don’t receive the PIN are new users that have never logged in before?

No, this is a user that had received a pin on the same address weeks earlier.

Okay, so that means that their email should have already been in the Google Sheet (Users Table), yes?

Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions. I just wanted to clarify that point.

Yes, I’ve created a Google sheet with all the users in it that are allowed to login. There is no registration for new users.