Log Out and Profile Manager

Does anyone know if these options are available yet or an ETA on them? I know the previous forums had a topic on this and it was replied that it was coming.

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Log Out. It’s not available yet but it is on the roadmap. No date set but I would speculate soon, maybe before year end. (Again that is speculation)

As for Profile Manager I think you should expand on that. I don’t know what profile you are referring to.

I’m trying to make a section where say an Admin can add profiles that will populate on the White List of emails but i found a work around.

Please share your workaround. I’m eager to see how you accomplished this.


For the time being, I created a secondary app, with access set to password.


Both apps use the same tab for white listed email address, except, in the User version there is no User Manager or Reports options.

In the Admin connection the User Manager (which can manage the White-list, as its not controlled by per-user data like the tabs in the User version) can add and remove users access to the app.

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In short:

  • you log into the User version; which is per-user data controlled,
  • click the Admin option; which links to a secondary set up app (for the time being) which uses the exact same Google Sheet for data but is password controlled, not per-user data controlled

I will build a sample of the program with the Google Sheet and permissions so it can be used and edited.

Well done @Christopher_Breen. I forgot that you can have 2 apps using the same spreadsheet. This works out perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

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