Links not copying to correct column or at all

I have a basic media upload form. Everything entered goes on a sheet labeled “Uploads” as a new row and then gets written to another sheet (either “sound” “words” or “video”) as a new row. However, when I upload everything but the “media” column gets filled. For example, if I upload a song, the link is shown on uploads but not on “sound” but everything else is.

Is this a glitch or is there something I need to do?

Also, how to get a URL to write to the media column when that’s already being written to by the “upload” submission the form button? Ideally I would like the “media” column to be able to have either a submitted URL or an upload link. But, I’m not sure how to accomplish this with sheets or the program. HELP!

Thanks everyone

How are you writing to the other three sheets? Is it a custom action on submit of the form?

Why are you writing a duplicate of the uploads row to the other sheets? Seems like it would make more sense to just have the single upload sheet and then filter the media type as needed.

As for your second question, if I understand correctly, you can have a text entry component and a file picker both pointing to the same column, so a user could enter a url or upload a file and it would write either one to the media column.

For the second part first, no you cannot have a picker and a file entry pointing to the same column. Glide will give you a warning that another component is writing to that column. Which would be fine but I don’t know how to take Column A and Column B and merge them into Column C. (I’m totally a noob) This is probably a better question for a “sheets” Faq. But, I will take all your help.

As for the first part, I have a basic submit form with a “choice” option. When you click submit I have a filter set up from the “on Submit” menu so that whatever your choice (words, music, video) gets written to the proper sheet and the upload sheet. (I was doing that to test it) What happens is the URL LINK and the Media Pick get written to the Upload sheet but not the other sheets. However, everything else does (Ie title, image, description)

Is that clearer?

The warning is only a warning. It won’t stop you from having two components write to the same column. I’ve used that method several times.

I understand what you are trying to do. The issue may be a bug, but is there a particular reason for having separate sheets instead of of just the one uploads sheet?


Thanks for your help,

I’ll try that out for the url/media issue.

To answer your question, yeah. I’m making a personal media manager/webstore. So, the idea is that if you could categorize what you’re uploading by media type or differentiate between different brand identities. Plus the Upload sheet gives you a ledger of what you’ve actually uploaded so that if something failed you could go back later and fix it. This just seemed like a really natural way to go about doing this.

In any event, it doesn’t matter as the links aren’t being copied to the proper sheet. This is pretty infuriating. I’ve made sure every category is identical. And, I’ve tried doing it multiple different ways. They simply don’t transfer.

I guess what I’m getting at is that if it was me, I would only deal with 1 sheet instead of 4. It would simplify the whole process and cut your row usage in half. You already have a category written to the uploads sheet so it would be easy to just categorize and filter that sheet in the app instead of pointing to multiple sheets. That’s why I’m trying to understand the need to separate everything into multiple sheets. Lists can be grouped by category, they can be filtered by category manually, or you can create a choice component to set your category filter…all with a single sheet.

I’m not ignoring that there may be a bug, but it seems like you could simplify things a lot. Do you have any screenshots showing the form, the on submit action and how you display and work with the data in the app?

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Thanks for your help, but this really doesn’t solve the issue. The problem is a failure to simply copy the data to the proper sheet and not how I’ve organized the data. The links simply don’t transfer and they’re clearly supposed to transfer.

What you’re saying is to create a workaround, by basically starting all over organizing it the way you’ve suggested. Which, moving forward will be fine. But, rather than start all over, as you suggest, my current work-around is to simply add a link to the Upload sheet. That works fine but it’s not as clean as I’d like.

Anyway, I really appreciate your help here. You’ve helped me clarify my thinking and solved the upload / URL issue which is enormous. So thank you very much for that and your time. Again, I am really appreciative. I hope you have a great rest of your day. :slight_smile:

You might want to submit your bug to Glide support.


They want me to make a screen recording of this or they won’t let me submit the bug. This would be an excellent reason to never ever submit bug requests. I don’t have the time to sign up for a video recording service, learn how to use it, and recreate the bug, which you won’t see anyway unless I spend 30+ min recreating it multiple times, in order to capture it.

Sounded like you are able to duplicate the issue pretty consistently, so I assumed that it would be pretty easy to reproduce and capture the issue. Most people use to create screen recordings which offers 5 minutes of screen recording at a time for free.

I don’t work for Glide, but I work in tech as a support programmer. In my experience, knowing how to reproduce a problem is 99% of the battle to finding a fix. The actual fix is usually quick, but if you don’t know where to look, it can take days or weeks to track down and find the problem. I’m sure they have a large list of things that are keeping them busy, and any help they can get to track down the problem will lead to a solution much much faster.



I really don’t mean sound grumpy and ungracious here. My apology if I have.