Uploaded Image randomly changes in the sheet

All four spots use to have images links in those columns.
They were all uploaded via Glide.

But now converted to a check box for some reason?

See screenshot


Any chance you have a switch or checkbox writing to the wrong column? Otherwise it’s strange.

I do have a checkbox in a different column. But these had image links just a couple of days ago and randomly got switched.

It’s happened before and I delete the checkmark and place the image link back in there but it reverts after a bit.

Are you confident that you don’t have a checkbox or switch component or edit screen or anything else that could be writing to the image column by mistake?

@Jeff_Hager I mean there could be something somewhere but I do not have user edit on anything that I’m aware of.

And here I had a new one pop up from my OG post.

I think I might have found it.
It was a check value on a previous screen.

I’ll upload the images and well see if it happens again.

Stay tuned.