Link terms and conditions when creating profile

In my app, the teacher creates the profile of the students. I pretty much sorted out most things. One small but nasty one remains. When the teacher creates a profile, she must accept the terms and conditions for each profile. For this, we use a check box within the profile form.

The challenge is, we are trying to turn the label of the terms and conditions into a link. The link is supposed to lead the user to the actual terms and conditions document. I couldn’t see how to achieve this. Even adding a separate button inside the form is not possible.

How can I give the user the possibility to go to the Terms and conditions from a prominent place? I notice there are a gazillion of feature requests on terms and conditions and privacy policies. I am trying to find a work around.

You can add a button or a link component within a form. I would recommend doing that and using the open link or open web view action to open the document with the button or just using the link component. You will have to pass through the link into the form and write it to the profile sheet for it to work. Similar to this:

Thanks for the input @Jeff_Hager. Where I am stuck is that my tab has a Tiles layout. And users are able to add items to the layout. However, the list of components I can add to this form is very limited. In terms of buttons, I have only two of them: checkbox and switch. So no form button, no link component, etc.

The workaround I have thus far is to add a checkbox with no label. And just below it, I add a link using markdown rich text. There are two issues to this:

  1. The link has to point to a web site outside the app
  2. the checkbox and the link are on different lines

Looking forward to more help.

Do you have any screenshots so I can better understand? You may need to create a new sheet with a couple of headings and make that your tab. Then you can switch to the details style layout, which will allow you to add any component as well as an inline list of tiles. Again, maybe I’m not visualizing what you are trying to do. I’m a bit confused if you are within a form or within a tab.