Link text to à specific page

Hi there, I am developing a community Plateform on Glide Page and would like to link a page to some text. For example on my students profile is his/her school name, is it possible to make the name clickable so that it opens the school page I have configured ? How ? Thanks

It looks like you’re using a Fields component for the School name. You can’t make that clickable, but if you replace it with (for example) an Action Row component, then you can do what you want.

Assuming that you have the name (or ID) of the School in the Student Profile row, you can create a Single Relation column that matches the same in your Schools table.

Then on the Action Row component configure an action that does Show Details Screen via that relation.


You can do it through your Data, making a LInk field send you an example! Good Luck!
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The link field uses “Open link” action by default and doesn’t make for a good user experience, if Elise is trying to navigate within the app. As Darren suggested, a “show details screen” action would be better for this case.


ok Thin

On the title component, you can select it and select Actions (near the top right). Add an action to show the detail screen of the related users school. This will be a button joined into the name title. You would first need to create a relation on the person table to that persons school.