In-app terms of service signup/login screen

Hey guys,

Terms of service link in signup/login page:

I don’t want to lead my users outside the app within signup flow (currently happening if you click the “terms of service” upon signing up/logging in on → it leads to external link where you access the text of those legal sheets), because it leads to confusion.

Question: How can I (create a link to(??)) keep the user in-app when they want to check out the terms of service? any chance to create a popup or something similar?

Thanks guys for the help and greetings from Vienna!


P.S.Removing the ToS is not an option, I want them to actively accept them and have the chance to look into them.

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You could try showing the TOS in a webview component. You cannot force them to scroll all the way through it, but it gives them a chance to look at it.

You can have a webview of Google doc which will be viewable only for someone with the link if you don’t have a website

I think an alternative for you is to have an onboarding screen before giving users access to the main content.

  • Create an Onboarded boolean column in the Users table.
  • Show Onboarding screen if “Onboarded” is not true, show other tabs when it is true.
  • Create an “Accept TOS” boolean column in the Users table.
  • On the Onboarding screen, show a switch/checkbox for the “Accept TOS” column. You can use a button to direct users to the TOS, either through an “Open link” action with a link that works with webview, or you create a new screen specially for the TOS with text component(s), and navigate the user to that screen.
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thanks guys! So, we will remove ToS checkbox from first-screen on (just fillin email/use google login to access) and then make app-components conditional for accepting tos in user profile. then showing webview to click and optionally fill out profile. guess this could work. Thanks guys! J

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