Legacy Apps Not Syncing Without Manual Refresh in Editor

This is general and not specific to an app or workspace. There’s a growing literature on this issue elsewhere in the forums. All threads remained unresolved.

Bootstrap solutions, such as updating a non-calculated cell, which may have worked in the past, do not work. Rebuilding the apps using only Glide Tables is not a solution either as some cells calculate data from external sources.

Has been going on for a couple of weeks. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

I have found this as well.

Here is a link to my initial problem.

The team’s aware of the issue and investigating. :pray:

Thank you for posting these threads, I’m passing them all along to the team. The more affected apps we can investigate, the better we can troubleshoot.

Ok, thanks. It’s all the apps on my account.

Has there been any progress on this?

A few things:

  • We pushed a fix in the last couple weeks to address a Google Sheets sync issue where new rows added in a Glide app were “ping ponging” with updates from the source sheet. That seems to have fixed the problem for some users who were reporting sync issues.

  • Another scenario is users on legacy apps hitting their plan limits without realizing it, e.g. they’ve hit the row limit or consumed all their updates. You can view the quota status of on the Usage and Billing screens in your Glide dashboard.

If you haven’t hit your plan quota and you’re still seeing sync issues, you can share your team ID and app ID in the megathread we have going here:

…but if you’re on a paid plan, the best thing you can do is open a support ticket via the help menu in your dashboard: