Layout in a relation view is permanent

Hi guys.

I have ran into a problem where I want the same data displayed in different formats on different tabs.

This have never been an issue before, but now it seems when I build the data from relations between tables (things in things) I always get the same layout and data on all tabs using that relation.

Is this a bug or is this suppose to be like this?

Adding a loom video for more explanation…

Detail screen layouts are linked to their source table. That’s why we have the New Screen option to complicate the Detail Screen option. In Category tab, on the collection where you select the category, change the action from ‘Show Detail Screen’ to ‘Show New Screen’. Then built the new screen accordingly.

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That seems logical. Will try ASAP :slight_smile:

( in a few hours…)

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That worked just like I want it to.

Many THX :slight_smile:

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